Day 2: Girls game against Shipei Junior High School

After the boys game, we are now in Shipei JH for the girls game!


SJH 26 vs NV 14

Our team is lagging behind a little but bit by bit we are learning the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to strategise better.



SJH 60 vs NV 21

We may be losing but we are most definitely improving leaps and bounds. The most important is to never call it quits and give up!


NV 29 vs SJH 90

Opponents are certainly unbeatable – and no wonder, they are the national champions. Our girls are playing against the best!


NV 43 vs SJH 100

Last 20 sec of the game!

We played better in this quarter than the previous quarters, which is evidence that the girls are learning during the action 🏀

Even though we lost the game, I think our girls have gained valuable experience, especially when they are up against the national champions among the Junior High schools in Taiwan. We really put up a good fight and we’re proud of them 🙂


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