Day 2: Raohe Night Market & Debrief

Our second night of shopping: Raohe Night Market

(No photos because everyone is either in a shoe shop or buying bubble tea.)

It was a different night market experience and a great ending to the activities for the day!

Now, we are having our debrief..

Time to reflect on what went well and what went wrong during the games today.. tomorrow is a brand new day and more opportunities to make improvements πŸ™‚


Day 2: Girls game against Shipei Junior High School

After the boys game, we are now in Shipei JH for the girls game!


SJH 26 vs NV 14

Our team is lagging behind a little but bit by bit we are learning the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to strategise better.



SJH 60 vs NV 21

We may be losing but we are most definitely improving leaps and bounds. The most important is to never call it quits and give up!


NV 29 vs SJH 90

Opponents are certainly unbeatable – and no wonder, they are the national champions. Our girls are playing against the best!


NV 43 vs SJH 100

Last 20 sec of the game!

We played better in this quarter than the previous quarters, which is evidence that the girls are learning during the action πŸ€

Even though we lost the game, I think our girls have gained valuable experience, especially when they are up against the national champions among the Junior High schools in Taiwan. We really put up a good fight and we’re proud of them πŸ™‚

Day 2: Boys game against Xin Min Junior High


XMJH 15 vs NV 14

Our boys started off strong but the opponents very quickly showed that they are tenacious as well.

Very very exciting. Now on to Round 2.


XMJH 35 vs NV 40

What a tight competition.

Girls hard at work counting scores for the boys team!


XMJH 49 vs NV 59

Both sides are getting tired, yet they are still fighting hard!

Never give up!


XMJH 56 vs NV 93

We won!!!

The last few seconds of the match.

After a long and hard fought match, NV emerged victorious! The passion, teamwork and spirit of our opponents, however, was extremely palpable and I’m sure our team has learnt a lot from the match.

Day 2: School Immersion #Part 2

Here are some student responses about what they learnt from the immersion with SLJH!

“It was a very good learning experience, the students were very enthusiastic and the activities were very engaging! Hosts were very friendly even though there was language barrier πŸ˜€”

– Yan Xi

“I learn more about Taiwan such as their water management system. I stepped out of my comfort zone and learnt how to communicate better with others!”

– Chloe

“I made new friends today and enjoyed myself! In particular, I learnt about Taiwan as a country and especially new information such as water management system. πŸ‘”

– Chace

The students morphed from being shy and reserve in the morning to really bonding with the Taiwan hosts by lunchtime. It was heartwarming to see πŸ™‚ let the photos do the talking!

During the closing, Siyi represented NV basketball to give a closing speech, thanking the hosts again for their warm hospitality.

Final group photos!

That’s the end of the immersion and we are now going to two more schools for our friendly matches! It’s not going to be easy so JIAYOU to our players! We will also like to extend our thanks and invitation to Shilin Junior High School to visit NV sometime soon and let this friendship prosper πŸ™‚

Day 2: School Immersion #Part 1

We are immensely honoured to be so warmly welcomed by Shilin Junior High School – everything from the preparation, to student and staff’s enthusiasm, down to the lunch and snacks provided was great and we truly cannot thank the school and the principal enough ☺️

Our representative, Mr Hee, exchanged gifts with Principal Lin of SLJH, and expressed our collective excitements about the immersion.

More photo updates later about the activities that the students have experienced! For now, lunch beckons 🍱

Day 2: OTW to Shilin Junior High

Morning! Bright and shine! We woke up at 6.45am, followed by a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel and subsequently gathered at 8.15am for a brand new day of fun-filled itinerary.

Ready… or not?

We are now en route to Shilin Junior High for school immersion for the morning. We are excited to make new friends and gain new experiences πŸ™‚

More updates later about what the students have learnt from the immersion!