Day 3: Girls team against Huai Sheng JH

It’s the third day, and we have our second friendly match, this time with Huai Sheng JH (HS). The ball is round, and we still don’t know yet who will win the game! May the best team win!


HS 13 vs NV 4

It’s another tough match – this time we are up against the runner-up of this year’s high school tournament. Nevertheless our girls are trying hard and more importantly, they are trying new play sets and learning how to communicate better with the team.



HS 26 vs NV 9

The focus is on! The second quarter continues to be a challenge – new things to learn and new things to train.

Keep up the good fight!


HS 32 vs NV 20

The teams have changed sides, and emotions are running high. But the game is not about winning or losing; it is about learning and growing 🙂


HS 38 vs NV 28

Rather close fight. Huai Sheng has granted us another quarter of friendly competition! More opportunities to learn yay!


HS 48 vs NV 32

And…. the game is over! Despite the loss, I personally feel that the team has grown both in skills and mentally which is the most important.

We also have much to learn from the discipline from Huai Sheng. They took initiative, cheered their team on, and listened and learned from their coach. Thanks Huai Sheng!


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