Day 5: Final goodbye

We have arrived and safely back to our families ❤️

Thank you all for waiting so patiently while our flight is being delayed.

We are thankful that everyone has arrived back in SG safe and sound. Have a good rest! Goodnight!



Day 5: Waiting to board

A huge thank you to Patrick, our tour guide for all the help and care given to us throughout the trip! It definitely won’t go as smoothly without him accommodating to our needs 👍

We are now waiting to board the plane, flight to Hong Kong at 12.15pm.

See everyone back at Singapore soon!

Day 5: Departing for the airport

We are now en route to the airport – everything is on time, the students are punctual and everything is going smoothly despite the slight drizzle. The weather was really kind to us throughout the trip! It was sunny for the past four days, and it only rained on our last day.

Here’s a picture of our typical hotel breakfast. Not the most luxurious but rather tasty 🙂

More updates later when we’re checked in and boarding. For now, parents and families back in Singapore can look forward to some sweet treats from Taiwan 😀


Day 4: Girls against Yong Chun Senior High

We are almost ready for the last girls match of the trip! We are pumped because our opponents are 16-18 years old, which means they have more experience. But I have faith that our girls will play to the best of their abilities! Fighting! 💪


YC 18 vs NV 8

Our girls seem to be nervous – and no wonder, because a crowd is forming! Students from YC have been streaming in steadily to watch the match. May our girls rise above the stress!


YC 27 vs NV 12

We are lagging but the girls are applying what they learnt from the morning’s training! They will no doubt improve in time 💪


YC 38 vs NV 22

Our 3-point shot by En Tong!


YC 50 vs NV 24

And the game has ended! From the three games that the girls have played, the opponents were all vastly different and the girls could really learn from three different experiences. We can all learn and take back something even through the loss 🙂

Day 3: Boys game against Hu Jiang Senior High

HJ 53 vs NV 54

Our opponents were 16-18 years old, all fit and muscular, but our players went against all odds to WIN the game 👏

At the last second Sim Yi made two clutch free throws and narrowly won the game by a mere 1 point! Woohoo! It was indeed a passionate and exhilarating match 🏀

(PS: Apologies for the lack in details, this live reporter was at the girls game, which was happening concurrently.)

Day 3: Girls team against Huai Sheng JH

It’s the third day, and we have our second friendly match, this time with Huai Sheng JH (HS). The ball is round, and we still don’t know yet who will win the game! May the best team win!


HS 13 vs NV 4

It’s another tough match – this time we are up against the runner-up of this year’s high school tournament. Nevertheless our girls are trying hard and more importantly, they are trying new play sets and learning how to communicate better with the team.



HS 26 vs NV 9

The focus is on! The second quarter continues to be a challenge – new things to learn and new things to train.

Keep up the good fight!


HS 32 vs NV 20

The teams have changed sides, and emotions are running high. But the game is not about winning or losing; it is about learning and growing 🙂


HS 38 vs NV 28

Rather close fight. Huai Sheng has granted us another quarter of friendly competition! More opportunities to learn yay!


HS 48 vs NV 32

And…. the game is over! Despite the loss, I personally feel that the team has grown both in skills and mentally which is the most important.

We also have much to learn from the discipline from Huai Sheng. They took initiative, cheered their team on, and listened and learned from their coach. Thanks Huai Sheng!

Day 3: Morning training

Good morning! It’s a brand new day and we met at 9.15am for our first activity: training in Taipei city Zhong Zheng sports center.

It was a rather chill and relaxing morning as we gathered late and everyone took the extra time to catch up on rest or have a relaxing breakfast.

Our training ground!

Girls and boys hard at work.

There’s a match later today – stay tune for live updates!