Day 4: Girls against Yong Chun Senior High

We are almost ready for the last girls match of the trip! We are pumped because our opponents are 16-18 years old, which means they have more experience. But I have faith that our girls will play to the best of their abilities! Fighting! 💪


YC 18 vs NV 8

Our girls seem to be nervous – and no wonder, because a crowd is forming! Students from YC have been streaming in steadily to watch the match. May our girls rise above the stress!


YC 27 vs NV 12

We are lagging but the girls are applying what they learnt from the morning’s training! They will no doubt improve in time 💪


YC 38 vs NV 22

Our 3-point shot by En Tong!


YC 50 vs NV 24

And the game has ended! From the three games that the girls have played, the opponents were all vastly different and the girls could really learn from three different experiences. We can all learn and take back something even through the loss 🙂


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